Vanden Plas – ‘The Ghost Xperiment: Awakening’ Album Review

Vanden Plas – The Ghost Xperiment – Awakening

I love reviewing bands that I don’t know much about especially established bands such as Vanden Plas who have been around for a long time.

This album may only have 6 tracks but it still runs the best part of 45 minutes and it’s a very interesting 45 minutes at that. This album actually had my head spinning because I simply didn’t know what was coming from minute to minute, the opening bars of this album is a thundering classic heavy rock intro and sets a good pace, just as you’re getting used to the anthemic opening there’s a slight twist and the next thing you know you’re listening to a cross between Fates Warning and Set The World On Fire era of Annihilator and that’s just the first 2 minutes of Cold December Night.
This constant mix of styles is present throughout the entire album and it is a real pleasure to hear the amalgamation of so many genres in one place and I spent the whole time writing this whilst immersing myself into the music.

Vanden Plas have managed to combine multiple musical styles flawlessly, even when there’s a change of direction the transition is beautifully smooth.

Old fans of Vanden Plas will absolutely love this album and music fans new to the band will want to check out their extensive back catalogue.

This album gets a solid 8.5

Review by Marc

Andy Kuntz – Vocals
Stephan Lill – Guitar
Günter Werno – Keyboards
Andreas Lill – Drums
Torsten Reichert – Bass

* Cold December Night
* The Phantoms Of Prends-Toi-Gardes
* Three Ghosts
* Devils´ Poetry
* Fall From The Skies
* The Ghost Xperiment

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