Newman – Siren Album Review

I think that Steve Newman is definitely one of the good guys of Melodic Rock. He was the star of the cack-fest that was ‘ZRock’ last year, and I’m always interested to see what the talented bloke has up his sleeve at every new opportunity. Basically the guys a machine, and I think he’s a Man U fan as I am certain he only comes out with an album when the twats win the premier league. Which in terms of music, is goddamn prolific!!!

For starters the album cover is a bit of a belter. It takes me back to the 80’s when many a purchase was completed solely on the quality of the cover. Some turned out to be shite, but Siren is anything but. After living with this for just over a week now, the album gets better with every passing spin and I cant stop playing or singing the bugger!

Siren is definitely the AOR equivalent of (insert you pleasurable experience here _______) mine’s having an AOR Rock Goddess rubbing me down with a wet flannel! (You know who you are). It just ticks all the boxes and is one anthem after another. 

‘Take It All’ is an ablsolute belter. Heavier than his norm, with a classic riff, and ultra sing-able chorus. ‘Had Enough’ is definitely a future classic and stands alongside any AOR gem from the last 30-odd years. Its has hints of Foreigner, Mr.Big, with some real quality vocals from Steve Newman. ‘Arcadia’ is a little mellower than the previous but again is dragged above the competition with a finely constructed tune and another top mutts nutts chorus!

‘Another Bitch Of A Night’ is so Whitesnake 87 era, I expect a certain Mr Coverdale to be chippin’ in with the vocals to ‘Still Of The Night’. Robert Säll of WOA & WET contributes guitar to ‘Feel Her Again’ and makes it more of a WET sounding than a Newman song. Newmans lyrics are more thought provoking than many a rival, and becomes more than just AOR by numbers. ‘When It Comes To Loves ‘ is a collaboration with Vega’s Nick Workman, who also contributes backing vocals, and is an 80s old school rock ballad

Steve Newman’s vocals are some of the finest I’ve heard in some time, both from himself, and from anyone else! It must be something to do with the name ‘Steve!’. He has nailed the production of Siren, focusing purely on quality. Despite all the friends and collaborators involved, this is still clearly the Newman show. It’s not standard fare Melodic Rock, instead it’s heavier with more of a purpose and edge, and thoroughly deserves to pick up some new fans along the way.

I prefer to label this as ‘Classic Rock’ rather than AOR/Melodic Rock, as I’m positive that Siren is a future Classic Rock album. Not only is it one of Steve’s finest it just stands head and shoulders above many an effort the past couple of years

Score – 95/100

Band Line Up On this album:

Steve Newman– Vocals, Guitar, and Keyboards
Rob McEwen– Drums & Percussion
Shaun Bessant– Lead Guitar on “When It Comes To Love”
Robert Säll
– Lead Guitar on “Feel Her Again”

Live band:
Steve Newman – Vocals, Guitar
Shaun Bessant – Guitar, Vocals
Paul Boyle – Keyboards, Vocals
Pete Newdeck – Drums, Vocals

Track Listing:

01 Scar Of Love
02 Had Enough
03 Arcadia
04 Another Bitch Of A Night
05 Feel Her Again
06 Some Kind Of Wonderful
07 Siren
08 When It Comes To Love
09 Crossfire
10 Waiting For The Day
11 The Foolish One
12 Don’t Know Why

Author: barnstoneworthutd

Rock music lover from the age of 4 thanks to my dad. I migrated to the classic rock bands of the 70 (Rainbow, Rush, Lizzy, Purple etc) before discovering melodic rock and hair metal in the 80s and beyond. Also partial to a bit of prog

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