Random Rants (No.1)

So I went to see Judas Priest last night, and they were pretty damn good. Theres not many bands that serve you a big dollop of cheese with your metal and get away with it, but JP can. I go to shitloads of gigs but last night a few things got up my tits

1. If your guitar (you know who you are Richie Faulkner) doesnt work after 4 songs, go old school and use a fuckin lead and not a radio transmitter.

2. I dont know if its because I was sat near an exit in the circle, but I have never seen so many middle aged blokes get up and go for a piss. Go to your doctors and get your prostates checked out. They have tablets for that sort of thing. One bloke in the row in front of me got up 6 bastard times, That really took the piss!

3. Rob, you are a Metal God ‘an all, but Cher changes outfits less times than you did last night

4. Rob, When I pay £45 for a ticket, I want to hear YOU sing it. Its Judas FUCKING Priest, and NOT a Robbie Williams gig

5. Oh yeah, finally. If you have paid a lot for a ticket, I expect to hear a band, and not the twat sat next but one to me trying to have a converstion with his missus (sat next to me). He even kept on trying to engage the bloke in the row in front into conversations throughout the evening

Apart from that, they fucking rocked. I am assuming that most of my rants happen at all the gigs I attend but last night somthing struck a chord, and it wasn’t Richie Faulkner (for four songs anyway)

Next in the series……Ticketmaster!!

Author: barnstoneworthutd

Rock music lover from the age of 4 thanks to my dad. I migrated to the classic rock bands of the 70 (Rainbow, Rush, Lizzy, Purple etc) before discovering melodic rock and hair metal in the 80s and beyond. Also partial to a bit of prog

One thought on “Random Rants (No.1)”

  1. There's always some Muppet that thinks it's a private gig for them.As for people getting up to go for a pee I've never understood why you'd pay all that money to go to a gig and then drink so much you miss half in the loo and can't remember the other half.Basically they should all do whatever I want and not what they want….seems fair.


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